How To Start A Dropshipping Business?

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Introduction :

Drop shipping is a kind of an ecommerce business where you are selling products from your store but you didn’t have any warehouse, you don’t even have to ship, you just take the product from some other supplier, listed it on your website and when any order came you just forward it to the supplier and he will deliver it to your customer on behalf of you.

Drop shipping is one of the most simplest form of setting up an ecommerce business and that is the reason people all over the world are doing this and many of them are getting successful in it.

But here the question arises that anyone who can start a drop shipping business can get success?

The answer is no, not everyone who start a drop shipping business can get a success. Selling your product with your brand name is not easy at all.  You have to gone through various stages or we can say funnels to get a success in drop shipping business.

It is also true that drop shipping takes a lot of your savings to run ad campaigns on various social media platforms and then only you can get your customers but if you do it right, you will get success.

In this blog we will talk about how to build your ecommerce store, where to find winning products, and how you can promote your store.

So lets start.

A) How to create your store :

 The best way to create your store is shopify. Shopify provides you a complete ecommerce platform which not only helps you to create your store but it also helps you to manage your orders, view payment history, keep an eye on website visitors, you can also create discount coupons for your store for example on Christmas you can give any X item for 50% less just if anyone uses the code “SANTA50” he will get a discount of 50% from your store. Isn’t it great?

Its not over yet, you can implement thousands of themes to your store and 100’s of payment gateways to take the payment from customer. Shopify also gives you the search engine optimized store so that thousands of people searching any product can visit your site organically.

But is it all for free?

The answer is No. Shopify gives you the first 14 day trail period for free but after that you have to pay 29$ a month for its basic and the most cheapest plan.

Is it really worth to spent 29$ a month on your store?

I would say yes if you’re sure about sales and your marketing plan then it is really worth to invest your money on your store because ultimately this will only help you to get more customers and increase more sales.

The another question came is that what if I don’t want to invest this much on my store? Is there any other option by which I can set up my store without shopify?

The answer is yes, you can create your own store with the help of wix by spending 15$ a month but the thing is you have to add products from aliexpress by yourself and you will not going to get any of the features which shopify gives you. You will only get themes, paypal payment gateway to collect the payment and a good user interface and every other thing you have to do it by yourself like the analytics, SEO and many more which are list above. You can believe me it will also work. The success of your store will be dependent on the marketing strategies you will apply.


Let’s dive into the other section I.e.

B) Where and how to find products :

After creating a store on shopify or wix the most important thing comes to your mind is from where you can get the products to sell for your drop shipping store?

You can thousands of best selling products from the website called and from there you can find the best products at an wholesale price so just have to pic up the product from there and place it on your store with whatever the selling price you want to keep.

But the most important thing is you have to spend some of your quality time finding a good product. Dont go with the product which is available to people easily instead of that sell the product which is not easily available nearby and then you can sell it on a profitable margin.

Don’t make it a niche store. Niche store means selling only a single kind of products for example shoes. Dont make it a niche store, make it a general store so can sell each and every best product.

Don’t hurrying up take your time to find out the best product which can drive people to your store.


Now after creating a store and adding up the products the next step comes is to market your business because with marketing only people will get to know about your business.

The best thing about taking your products to aliexpress is that you can sell them to audience all over the world. Yes to read it right.

But how?

So let’s dive into it.

C) Marketing of your Drop shipping store:


There are so many marketing channels available where you can start your marketing journey as per my suggestion, use every social media platform available whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google AdWords each and every platform will help you we will talk about one by one.

So first we will talk about Facebook


1)   Facebook :


Over 1 billion people all over the world uses facebook everyday. What you need to do is set up a business page with your brand name, fill all the details and start posting a good content. When it comes to advertising, use videos because people engage more with video and the reach is higher. Give a link to your product so that people can visit your store to see that product.

Keep one thing in mind that you have to run ads continuously for a longer span as your store will be new and it takes time to build a brand.

You also have to choose right age group, right audience and right interest of people who can be your potential customers.

Do split testing selecting different audience and then goes with the set of audience which you see is converting.


2)   Instagram :

Instagram is better than facebook in terms of getting organic traffic. Instagram is just another product which facebook bought but there are differences, use of right hashtags increase your reach, you can also upload great pics which are highly engaging without the text rule of 20% which is there in facebook.


3)   Google Adwords :


Google adwords is one of the best kind of advertising platform because people comes on google when they really need to buy something. On google you can run an ecommerce ad and you have to pay google according to cost per click. It seems more legin and good as it has the highest converting power.


Conclusion :                    

Dropshipping is a great business if you work according to a following path and it is also really competitive but only person who survives is the one who has the great product and also the best marketing strategy.

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