How To Start A Podcast, How To Start A Podcast For Free

How To Start A Podcast: The Best Tips For How To Start A Podcast For Free

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What is a Podcast?

A podcast is nothing but a way of sharing your knowledge about any topic to the vast amount of audience all across the globe in a form of voice.
This is not like youtube, here you can share the best of your knowledgeable content through voice only. Podcasts are better to create an audience and reaching to a big number of people. It is best for the people who feel shy facing a camera and recording a video for youtube.

You have heard a lot of radio or FM in your life where you can only hear the voice and get the valuable content sometimes. A podcast is also the same but we can’t really say that it is a radio. Yes, we can say that it is a subpart of it.

Why you should start a Podcast?

Like youtube, Instagram and Facebook, Podcasts are also getting popular and in coming years we will definitely see a huge rise in this industry, just like youtube now.
Now, when everyone carrying a microphone and a mobile in their pockets, it is possible for anyone to share knowledge to the world through voice with the help of podcast. The people who are shy to show their faces and make a video to share on youtube, they can also become popular by sharing their knowledge with the help of the podcast.
As far as recent data is concerned, approx 70 million Americans love to listen to podcasts each month and this number is going to increase in the coming years.

How you can start your own podcast?

In 2019, if you want to start your own podcast you don’t need to have an expensive microphone or any expensive computer software to edit your voice. To start your own podcast for free you just need an app called “ anchor app” and you can use your earphones. You can download the app from the play store and app store.

How to start your own Podcast?

Getting Started

After Installing the “anchor app” you have to create your profile, choose your favorite topic to talk on so that you can share valuable content to the audience through your voice and start recording your voice.
After recording your voice, you can also add some background sound which makes your podcast more emerging for the listeners. After doing all this name your podcast and upload it. Your podcast will be available for the people who are using the anchor. If you want to share your podcast on other platforms like apple podcast, google play music, overcast, etc with anchor app, you just have to click on “distribute my podcast everywhere” and it will be shared on each and every podcasting platform so that you can get more plays of your podcasting episode.

Invite other people to talk on your podcast

The conversation will make your podcast come alive. We have seen nowadays that how many youtube channels and even news channels bring experts to talk on their channel and that attracts a wide crowd. With the help of anchor app, you can add people to your podcast and start talking about any topic. You can even interview someone on your podcast.
You can also record it with your friends. With friends feature you can add up to 10 people to your podcast and record it anywhere from the world.

How to grow the audience?

As soon as you released any new episode of your podcast, you can share it on other podcasting channels such as apple podcast, Spotify, etc.
You can also share a link of your podcast to various social media sites. People who don’t have anchor app can listen to your podcast in any web browser.
You can also add your podcast to your website by copying the embedded code given at your anchor app dashboard.

The best way to promote your is to use digital marketing. Digital Marketing helps exceptionally well to grow any business. For you your podcast is like a business and to grow this you need to know some basic digital marketing tactics. If you don’t know what is digital marketing and how to grow your brand to reach maximum audience go and watch youtube videos of digital marketing. You will more than a thousand videos which will help you.

How to earn money from a podcast?

At present, there is no feature available to monetize your podcast but if you have an audience you can earn easily by sponsorships, brand endorsement, etc. For this always try to mention your E-mail ID, Twitter handle or Instagram handle so that people can reach to you for their brand promotion.
So stop thinking about anything and start your own podcast and reach up to millions of listeners.

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