How Viral Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Business

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Viral Marketing – way to grow faster


When we heard the term Viral Marketing first thing which comes to our mind is the content, photo or any video which is seen by millions of people in a very short period of time and get famous.

Every brand needs this kind of marketing as it takes less amount of money to reach people it also builds a brand image which is very necessary for sales and it also makes a great impact on the brains of peoples.

Viral marketing is successful when any user at any of the social media platform whether it is facebook, youtube, Instagram, or Linkedin see your content and liked it very much that they end up sharing that content and it builds a complete chain.


How to make your content viral?

To make your content viral you have to understand human behaviour first and then try to develop your content according to it. Brands don’t get viral, emotions behind an advertisement do. There are many ways to make your content viral, some of them tell a story, add a surprise element, make some emotional or nationalism in the video.

Over a period of time, we have seen that video content gets viral more than any other kind of content. The simple reason is that people love to watch more videos than reading the content or listening to any podcast.

Invest more time and money on creating a content which makes people connect to it and share it with more people.

Add some emotional element, people usually love to share emotional content. Add some jingle music to your video as people will remember it for a long time and they will also use it in their daily life. We have heard the advertisement for Maggi a few years back which sounds like “Maggi, Maggi, Maggi – taste Bhi health bhi”. You also need this kind of jingle if you want to make your brand viral and place it on every tongue of the nation.


Which Type Of Content Gets Viral?

If you want to make your brand go viral make sure you are not promoting your brand through your content, people nowadays are very intelligent they don’t share any content which has a brand name in it so make sure you make content in which your brand name is hidden. Research before launching any campaign, how other brands are doing it and how brands have done it in the past. Analyze your competitor, his marketing tactics. If you answer your competitor in the most creative way through your advertisement it will also make your brand viral as people love this mocking game.

Anything can get viral maybe it is an article, blog post, video, game or any other thing which touch the heart of people and people start talking about it to everyone. Viral marketing is also an example or organic marketing or mouth marketing where people can share it with anyone the meet.

Time of releasing your content will also make a lot of difference. Remember that wink girl went viral at the time of valentine’s and that dance of mid-aged Uncle went viral in the wedding season. If you have seen that when you visit Amazon’s website at the time of Diwali, most often you will see some pair of ethnic clothes, sweets like Cadbury so that people can buy those products. After that you will see that all over your Facebook and Instagram feed this is called retargeting, I would call it as paid viral marketing.

Just remember to keep your content fresh, unique and up to date because people are just fed up with the rotten content. Yes, viral marketing doesn’t take much money to spread among the audience but to create such content which spreads like fire you have to spend some money so that people will love it and share it with each and every one.



As I conclude, Viral marketing is the best way to promote your brand at low cost but it takes a lot of creativity and the right time to release your content so that people will connect to it and share it without thinking about anything. They became unaware of brand promotion tactics behind it.

Viral marketing is less expensive when it comes to promoting it on social media but it might take a high amount of money when you are developing the “VIRAL CONTENT”.

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