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In India, there are enormous opportunities for doing work, either great or worst. The system worsens by many ill practices. Health services in India very often compromised by many fake or nonqualified medical practitioners and diagnostic service providers. For marginal monetary benefits, these non-authentic organizations are playing with the life of uncountable people.

There is one common wrong perception about pathology labs that a laboratory means only automated and semi-automated machines, damaging our health system of India intensely. The partial awareness of people about laboratory services is the major cause of mushrooming of fake laboratories around us. Our health system is affected such a way that for most of the times we could not find the right place for diagnosis. For the treatment, diagnostic services act as a vertebral column. And fake labs leave no stone unturned for improper treatment of patients. India’s legislative committee is working hard for making policy to counter this malpractice. But its implementation is becoming difficult day by day. There are two main reasons for this one is lack awareness among people and second is dishonest people running the health-related business. This makes innocent patients most vulnerable to suffer physically, mentally and financially.

We have witnessed rising of these unauthorized health services in our nation and this will be a curse for our future generations. Now it is the time for a change, a revolution.

JAAITM has been created to ease the search for the right laboratory for the patients, Hence contributing immensely towards the correct diagnosis.


JAAITM is an online platform connecting people with authentic pathology laboratories through our skilled and trained phlebotomist. This platform is created to connect only authorized laboratories.

JAAITM will have three main purposes- 1.  Easing medical services for patients,  2. Sterilized sample collection and transportation   3. Reliable laboratory diagnosis.

The health system of our nation will be improved via the strengthening of this skill development project. The unemployment will also be reduced. The registered phlebotomist will gain some economic security so as to afford their higher studies. The registered laboratories will be able the penetrate a major portion of people. The maximum benefit will be of the patients whose treatment depends on the correct diagnosis. Also, we will improve the reliability of the diagnostic services.

JAAITM is dedicated to promoting promising organizations in the diagnostic services sector.


With the bottom line “Say strict no to fake and unauthorized laboratories”. 


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