The chaos of voting in 2019: Whom to vote?

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The much-awaited elections dates are proclaimed by the Election Commission and every party has tightened their belts to triumph the elections with a dream to lead the largest democracy in the world.

In the coming days or so, all the parties will run their election campaigns by trumpeting about their parties through lousy and prolong speeches. Every political party- either it is BJP or Samajvadi party or their supporters; everyone is in a tussle to win the upcoming elections with a considerable margin. But the only thing that pushes people to vote is the commitment and promises made by these parties.

Now we will encounter a lot of propaganda that are circulated via social media, massive rallies and people gatherings, or Whatsapp groups (which are renowned for circulating fake political information) to showcase that one party is better than the other.

If we have a look at ruling party i.e. BJP we will come across the fact that Narendra Modi sowed the seeds of his campaign to become the Prime Minister back in the year 2013. Here what we can see that Mr. PM always divulged that he will fight against black money, terrorism, employment and will resolve the never-ending issue of Ram Mandir and attached all these feathers to his hat to show that he is the right candidate.

The only reason why he became successful in winning the elections was the people of India who were tired and fed up because of the fake promises and poor decisions taken by Congress in its entire tenure of 10 years. The populace got really surprised and impressed with Modi’s Gujarat Model of development. Everyone was hungry for a change and, therefore people chose to vote for Modi and elected him as the Prime Minister of India.

After the year 2014, BJP instead of flourishing the nation and fulfilling the commitments rode another train and started manipulating the minds of people by using their nationalism, patriotism and unverified development figures.

As per a poll conducted- the Employment Rate was 7.2% in Feb 2019 which is the worst figure in the last 40-45 years. Also, BJP fuelled the fire by playing politics over Mandir-Masjid issues, and Mob lynching in Uttar Pradesh.

Though the Government tried hard to seize out the black money through demonetization. Undoubtedly, it was a good step, but the leaders failed badly to execute their plans. The outcomes would have been better if Modi considered implementing these strategies after consulting and analyzing the pros and cons of his decisions, as demonetizing the notes in a country with billions of people lives isn’t an easy task to carry out. The core intention behind this move was great. But as per the reports submitted by the RBI, more than 99% old notes in circulation are back in the RBI, which clearly explicates improper demonetization was a massive failure.

We also have encountered a plethora of kissan rallies and never-ending hunger strikes taking place, which were meant to accomplish some relief in the farmer loans. Maharashtra, the state with BJP government has witnessed a huge increase in farmer’s suicide rate which has almost doubled now and it is another considerable reason to worry for the government. From 2011-14, 6268 farmers hung themselves, the number doubled up by 11,995 from 2015-18 (under BJP).

The GST scheme was introduced in July 2017; to collect the same tax across the nation with the intention to curtail the cash flow in the country. But according to foreign brokerage report, the glitches and errors in the GST bill have increased the demand for cash in the country instead of lowering it down. As per the report, the reason behind the failure of GST is because of the untimely changes the government made. These changes incorporate lowering tax rates for many items and increasing the tax rates for some services. These things boosted the demand and use of cash-based activities inside the country.

The Schemes including Skill India and Digital India launched by Prime Minister are doing great and are based for a clear goal of making India a celebrated and developed nation. But is the implementation of these schemes done in the right way? Are we getting satisfying results from them?

According to OCED economic survey, 30% of Indians Aged between 15 to 29 are neither employed nor skilled. The numbers never lie and it is also a great proof behind the huge failure of the Modi government. There is a myriad of reasons why Skill India failed to surpass t0he expectations and became a fail. One of the reasons is the lack of proficient teachers or trainers to upscale various skills in the students. The other reason is the government’s failure of not providing enough employment options to our youth. Skill India may appear appealing in Modi’s long hauling speeches, but in reality, it has a different face.

When we talk about Digital India, it is more or less have a positive impact. India has reached to 48th position in the world on World Digital Competitive Rankings. The number of internet subscribers has boomed at a skyrocketing pace and has crossed the line of 500 million. Also, the cashless transactions have been in use more than ever before as the PayTm itself has more than 20 million active subscribers.

Another thing which went viral like a forest fire during the 2014 elections was Modi’s 56” chest which is said to be the symbol of dynamism, fearlessness and we have witnessed it two times in his tenure. Once during the surgical strike in 2016 and the other one is the air strike 2019 that was carried out by the Indian Air Force in Balakot (Pakistan).

When we are glorifying Modi and patting his back for his tremendous works in the military field, how can we escape him from the Rafale controversy? It’s been ages that Rafale jet has been the major issue for our Government. The Indian Air Force needs these high-tech jets as early as possible because our military personnel is still fighting with the old Mig 21’s, Mirage 2000’s while countries like Pakistan have the F16, Fourth Generation American Jets, which are way more advanced.

A fleet of questions that remains unanswerable by the BJP government is the hike of 45% in this deal, and why the existing deal of 126 jets fixed by Congress was reduced to only 32 aircraft. Why the contract was not handed over to HAL which is a renowned player and specialist in the aeronautical field? And the most recent question every one of us wants to get answered is how a confidential file can be stolen from the Defence Ministry Premises?

Another set of questions on which the present NDA government is liable is why there is an increment in the number of Kashmiri youth joining the militant groups? According to the report of the Economic Times- in 2013, the number of Kashmiri youth that joined the militaristic group was only 16 and in the last 5 years, the number went up to whopping 191. And this is definitely not a good sign for BJP because Kashmir is an integral part of our country. The present government needs to find out the root causes on why there is such high germination in the Kashmiri youth joining the militant groups in Modi’s tenure.

Questioning the Government is un-detachable part of our democracy and not against it. Instead of labeling someone as anti-national for asking these questions, the government should take the responsibility and accountability to answer these.

The present government always tries their level best to divert people’s mind from the major issues while trapping them in the propaganda like Hindu-Muslim, and Mandir-Masjid. That is the only reason why more than 389 people have lost their lives in the communal riots which took place during BJP’s tenure.

Let’s talk about Congress, which is BJP’s biggest opposition party. In 2014, Congress Party was swept away by the gigantic Modi’s wave and this party lost the election with a massive margin. Another reason behind BJP’s win was the people of India who were looking for a change and Modi’s Vocal goodness remedied the people perfectly. But now time has changed completely. Rahul Gandhi’s speeches have become more aggressive and powerful.

Recently, Congress defeated BJP in 3 states and the party has gained its confidence back to defeat BJP again in the Lok Sabha Elections as well. The inclusion of Priyanka Gandhi will definitely help Congress to succeed and win a decent amount of seats.

If Congress or any other alliance group of parties wants to defeat BJP or NDA in the upcoming elections, then they have to fill the gap by providing required assurance to the people to embrace the present conditions of the country by providing more employment to the youth, giving some permanent solutions to the farmers and some good schemes with better execution plans so that it will help every vertical of people who are dwelling in this country and just not the billionaires, but the poor and needy people as well.

It will be more interesting to see what will be the proclamations or the Prime focuses that will be a matter of topic between the parties to debate and fight elections against each other. As of now, Narendra Modi seems to be leading the polls by a considerable margin.

It is up to people, whom they prefer as their next Prime Minister. But before voting for anyone, they must revise and have a look at the aspects of the present government and what the government did in its five-year tenure and not get driven by the fake propaganda that is spread through Whatsapp forwards or any other social media platform.





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