What is Digital Marketing?

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What will we learn today in the chapter? ⇓

1.What is Digital Marketing?
2.Why is digital marketing necessary in the coming time?
3.Our Opportunity in Digital Marketing
4.Can Digital-Marketing Con?
5.How to Learn Digital Marketing Online at Home?

By learning digital marketing, you can take advantage of the benefits.
These were some questions that would have come to your mind, so now I will answer each and every one of these questions.

.What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the art that art can use to get your customer through online and digital mediums.
Friends, now you are wondering what is online and digital marketing and what comes in it. So now let me answer this question as well.

Now let’s move on to the next question and our next question is–

Why is digital marketing necessary in the coming time?

If we talk 20-30 years before today, then friends would not be wrong to say that people of that time used their content through TV, newspaper, magazines and radio, right?

But friends are no longer like this, now there have been many changes inside the people, let me know what kind of change I am talking about-

In today’s times, people spend more time on Facebook, they connect on Facebook with their friends and family.

Instead of watching TV they like to watch videos on YouTube and instead read the newspaper, they read the online blog.

This is the main reason that in today’s time digital scope of digital marketing is high.

Tips ⇒ We can advertise our product where people hang out (Facebook, Blog, YouTube etc.)

  1. Companies need digital marketing, so that they can manage their Ad campaigns, the company gives them very good salaries.
  2. According to Wikipedia, India comes to 2nd place in the world to use the internet.


What’s Our Opportunity in Digital Marketing?

As we all know that digital marketing is a fast growing field, let us now know how we can use this trends and what benefits we get from it.

Digital Marketing helps in improving your personal branding, it helps


  1. you to get a job, and not only does it make you entrepreneur too.

2.If you are an expert in digital marketing then you can help another company, as a consultant and employe.

  1. If you have knowledge of digital marketing then you can easily grow your business.


Digital Marketing Jobs and Opportunities in India

Perhaps you will not know that there are lots of digital-marketing jobs in India, because?

  • Digital marketing is a new field.
  • Many companies need digital marketers.
  • In India, there are not many digital marketers in the market yet (you can say that you do not need to work harder in this field).
  • In today’s times digital marketing jobs are given the highest amount.

Do you know ⇒ If you search about digital marketing jobs at LinkedIn, then you will get 500 to 2000 jobs in India as a whole.

How Much Digital Marketing Fresher’s Salary in India

As far as I have seen and read online: –

Whichever freshers are, their salary is 3.6 lakh / year (year) and sometimes this amount is Rs.4.5 to 5 lakh / year.

If you have 5 to 10 years of experience in this field, then the salary ranges from Rs. May be 12-20 lakh / year.

If you have 10+ years of experience then you get Rs. Salaries of 20 lakh and 50 lakh rupees a year can be obtained. Sometimes, in some cases you can get 8 million to 1 crore / year.


Digital Marketing who will learn?

Friends, let me tell you that there is no need to take a different degree to teach you this. It can teach any human being.

If you have 12 or you are still studying in 12th grade college, you can still teach digital-marketing.

To learn this, you just need a computer and a connection to the Internet.


How to learn digital marketing

If you are thinking of going to the market and want to do Digital Marketing Course, then let me tell you that for a very small course in the market, you may have to pay up to 50000 to 75000 fees.

The best way would be to find things for yourself, get the information from the internet and use it again.


By learning digital marketing, you can take advantage of the benefits.

The answer to this question is very big but I would like to say in simple terms that by learning the digital market, you can take many advantages, such as-

Your name will be in the market.

You will be different.

You can earn a large amount of money.

You will have knowledge of everything.

And what do you want? Every person does the same for earning money, you can earn a lot of money even without a higher degree.

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