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Marketing is one of the most essential parts of any business to grow and make the customer base. If your company is old you don’t require much marketing, but if you are new to any business you have to spend a lot of money on the marketing on various platforms so that people can see your brand or product and make a decision to buy it.
The reason why marketing is important because without marketing not many people can get to know about your business and in this competitive world you won’t get any customers without it.
You can do marketing of your business in many ways, you can use the traditional methods, you can use network marketing or you can use the most trending way, the digital marketing.
In this blog, we will talk about each and every form of marketing which helps you to get more and more customers.
Let’s start with traditional marketing
Meaning of traditional marketing is like marketing your products or your brand with the help of print media, news channels, hoardings, billboards, pamphlets etc.
In an era of digital marketing, where everything is getting digitalised and give us a more precise analysis of each and every ad campaign people still not leaving the option of traditional marketing. What’s the reason for this?
Traditional marketing, whether it is old but it is still in demand and a great way to build a brand name in the market.
Although traditional marketing is quite costly it can generate revenue and that’s the reason why many marketers are still depending on traditional marketing.
Your brand name with a big poster hanging on the billboard of a highway or the market seen by daily visitors is a great way to build a relationship between the customer and the brand.
Everything has a pons and cons so as the traditional marketing. In traditional marketing, you won’t know how many conversions you got from the people who have seen your advertisement.
After the introduction of google and facebook in the market, the definition of advertising is changed completely since then.
Nowadays with over a billion audience using the internet, brands all over the world are going online and promoting their business on the platform which is undoubtedly the best in terms of conversion and transparency.
You can promote your business on facebook, youtube, Instagram, google, youtube and many more platforms which are used by a billion users.
The benefits of using the internet and these platforms to promote your business are vast one they are surely the low advertising cost and a great potential to engage the audience through your quality content in the form of videos and pictures.
Most of the people who are running a business especially a small sized business don’t know about the digital platform and therefore either they end up losing a lot of money over traditional marketing method or they don’t do marketing at all which costs them their revenue.
Therefore, knowledge of marketing and its every platform is initial for each and every businessman.
Without doing marketing nobody will know about your products and services although organic marketing is the best form still it takes time to create an organic audience that is why you have to find the right way to bring people to your shop.

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